Is The Johnny Depp Trial Movie Supposed To Be A Comedy?

Coming soon to absolutely no theaters near you.
Is The Johnny Depp Trial Movie Supposed To Be A Comedy?

Because movies today can apparently be cranked out in less time than it takes for a Subway sandwich artist to make a Tuna(-ish) melt, we’re already getting a feature film about the recent Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial, dubbed Hot Take: The Depp/Heard Trial, – which seemingly features all of the most scandalous details from the case … as long as they took place in an affordable location with a modest amount of people.

Obviously, there’s nothing funny about the underlying story, which involves serious allegations of sexual assault, but some people have found this newly-released trailer to be “unintentionally hilarious.” Is it unintentional, though? Do we really think that the crew of this movie weren’t absolutely howling between takes of filming a guy dressed like Johnny Depp complaining about “James Francooo” while doing an impression that wouldn’t seem out of place on Saturday Night Live, or that one episode of Nathan For You?

It turns out that the screenplay was (hurriedly) penned by Guy Nicolucci, a comedy writer who worked for a long time with Conan O’Brien. It does seem as though he has some non-comedies to his name as well, but given that Nicolucci’s background is mostly in late-night shows and Comedy Central roasts, it seems borderline incomprehensible that this movie, about a celebrity-fueled media circus, isn’t going to be intentionally goofy to some degree. In one brief moment, the trailer even paired its intense cello music with a dramatic close-up of one of Depp’s crappy courtroom doodles, which feels like pure parody.


Plus, the film was made for Tubi, the free streaming service that previously gave us tongue-in-cheek offerings such as Titanic 666, which is about a group of “digital influencers” terrorized by the ghosts of … those innocent people who sadly lost their lives in the famously tragic nautical disaster. 

And also Shark Side of the Moon, which is about … well, it’s pretty self-explanatory. 

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