Skyrim's Creepy Glitch Gets Fixed 10 Years Later, Modders Immediately Unfix It

"If it is broke, don't fix it." - Old Skyrim Saying
Skyrim's Creepy Glitch Gets Fixed 10 Years Later, Modders Immediately Unfix It

Skyrim takes so many people back to a much-better time in their lives that most players don't want it changed, even when that's supposedly for the better. That's the lesson the developers at Bethesda probably learned a few days ago when they finally decided to fix a very creepy glitch that had haunted players for over ten years and the players were like nope, we want to be scared by this weird-ass glitch forever.

Let's see if our two readers who don't have at least 100 hours clocked in on Skyrim notices anything wrong with any of them:

Ok, spoilers: the glitch in question causes some of the game's otherwise lifeless mannequins to move their head and stare at players wherever they move.

the cursed mannequin never stops staring at the player


These mannequins exist in the game for players to put their armor on display, so this one might just have evolved to express its distaste for being forcefully naked. Who's the bad and creepy guy now, huh?

Who knows how many players have shared the beautiful experience of getting scared shitl*ss by what they expected to be their loyal coathangers during the first years of the game's existence? They had a pretty good timespan to patch this problem out, but they never fixed it, which ended up turning the possessed mannequins into an endearing part of the game's mythos. Bethesda didn't get the memo and decided to finally “fix” it over 10 goddamn years after the game's release. As soon as the likely one single bored person at Bethesda's offices that it took to change the line of code that killed the poor mannequin's necks, fan modders went into high alert and modded them back to how they were supposed to be all along -- all messed up and creepy as hell.

The official Nexusmod note says: "Mannequins should no longer not move", a weird phrase that'll make perfect sense to whomever needs to read it.

Top Image: Bethesda

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