'Metal Gear Solid' VR Now Exists And It's Both Awesome And Wrong

All aboard the torment nexus!
'Metal Gear Solid' VR Now Exists And It's Both Awesome And Wrong

Breathing new life into classics by turning them into VR experiences is all the rage right now and we love it... for the most part. Games such as fan-favorite Morrowind gain a much-deserved extension of their expiration date via sweet VR mods, so it was only a matter of time until someone tried to apply that formula to the Metal Gear Solid series. 

We can now play the first game in the MGS series in VR via Boneworks, an FPS that's big in the Virtual Reality modding community. The result totally slaps on a technical level as the first-person mechanics really bring a whole new dimension to the stealth action,

left is what he sees, right is what we see, probably.

but there's one big caveat that the devs seemingly overlooked. The game's very plot spends a lot of time warning players about the dangers of VR simulation in many areas, but specifically when it comes to warfare. Pretty visionary stuff considering how just a few years after the release of Metal Gear Solid, the US government started using drones to kill a lot of people, drones whose interface looks one hell of a lot like a harmless military video game. That kind of reminds us of how Unity, the second-biggest video game engine in the world, is being openly used for military research, and how the founder of Occulus seems pretty giddy about using his VR tech to power actual death machines. So yeah, even though this mod is probably just a completely innocuous hell of a lot of fun, we can't help but feel some serious “torment nexus” vibes coming off of it.

We can download it at the totally coincidentally-named Boneworks Nexus.

Top Image: Konami

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