'Butt Dance' In The New Shin-Chan Game Is The Greatest Mechanic In Gaming

There's no patootie cool down.
'Butt Dance' In The New Shin-Chan Game Is The Greatest Mechanic In Gaming

Everyone loves a cheeky main character. Which partly explains the three decades of popularity enjoyed by the Japanese manga series, Crayon Shin-chan. It’s all about the life and antics of precocious, oddball, would-be ladies' man, Shin-chan. It’s a classic “slice of life” manga. The friends and family of five year old Shin-chan populate a hilarious, charming world. Shin-chan is a jokester. And his best gag? Shaking his booty. Now, we can truly RP as someone who is brave enough to say to “the man”: eat my cheeks, I answer to no one. 

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A true hero.

Shin-chan: Me and the Professor on Summer Vacation- The Endless Seven-Day Journey, a game originally released in 2021 as a Switch only Japanese title, was localized for an English audience due to popular demand. It’s summer vacation time as Shin-chan and family visit some friends in his mom’s hometown. While the manga is peppered with lots of jokes aimed at an audience with a deep understanding of Japanese Culture, the town’s name is Asso, a hilarious, butt-based coincidence which might be lost on a non-English speaking crowd. A mad professor, a magical camera, and the imagination of Shin-chan himself add the wacky, fantastical elements the series is known for. 

Like five year olds the world over, and fans of the early aughts Tom Green BANGER ‘The Bum Bum Song’, Shin-chan knows that the height of humor is booty-based. In the original manga and anime, Shin-chan’s most classic gag is shaking his bare bottom at the powers that be. In the U.S. adaptation, he keeps his shorts on, but the point is still the same: this kid is hilarious. There’s a dedicated button while you navigate the world as Shin-chan that lets you move while taunting everyone around you with the infamous butt dance. Folks are even using this as a work around sprint button to navigate the map faster, all while exploring the gorgeous background art of the game. We hope to see some NFL players bring these moves to their touchdown celebrations soon. The game is out now on Nintendo Switch and releasing later this month for Playstation and PC. 

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