Ultima's Creator Now Sells Fake Land On A Dumb NFT Game

Yet another great developer lost to the great NFT plague of 2022.
Ultima's Creator Now Sells Fake Land On A Dumb NFT Game

Gamers may know Richard Garriott as Lord British, the creator of Ultima and of the MMORPG craze, but right now he's just a man suffering from a serious status ailment called NFTHubris-itis. Yeah, it looks like the totally real genetic trait that made people direct successful games in the '90s also makes them highly susceptible to NFT shenanigans. Other victims are the once-equally respected creators of Fable and The Sims.

Richard Garriott acting as Lord British, or during a normal day. Who knows.

Richard Garriott, Wikipedia

Who could have predicted that this man would have a hard time dealing with the lack of a spotlight, right? You never know.

The new game is Iron And Magic, a game that already has a website and, uh, nothing else other than a store that invites players to buy fake land in this still deserted and fake world.

NFT land

Richard Garriott

This is so weird and sad. Garriott was a true visionary at some point, a guy who came up with an entire ecosystem for his game, one that players didn't care for and completely annihilated as soon as they logged on to the game. He used to be ahead of the curve, now he's the one trying to destroy the ecosystem he depends on.

Though, to be entirely honest, we'd be lying if we said we don't want to see how this will crash and burn pan out. Yeah, outside of his failed ecosystem which should probably have struck him as enough of a bad omen, this is also the guy who saw all of his game servers collapse because of a Christmas Armaggeddon and a horse uprising. Wait, we just remembered that this is also the guy who despite having godlike status in his gameworld – because he created it, he still managed to overlook the power of fire and get killed by one of his puny subjects.

 We're really hyped to learn how he's gonna top those failures.

Top Image: EA

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