The Netflix Of Documentaries Is Back On Sale

The Netflix Of Documentaries Is Back On Sale

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The world is an increasingly horrific hellscape, so staying inside and watching TV isn't necessarily the worst thing to do, but if you're gonna do that, maybe you should try to stimulate your mind from time to time. Rather than spend hours watching Below Deck and Real Housewives, consider indulging in some documentaries with CuriosityStream.

Founded by Discovery Communications visionary John Hendricks, CuriosityStream has dubbed itself the Netflix of documentaries. It's home to thousands of the world's best documentaries from experts like David Attenborough, Michio Kaku, and Brian Greene. You can enjoy unlimited streaming of the best in documentary programming, whether you're interested in history, nature, science, space, or just Attenborough’s soothing voice.

CuriosityStream is all about convenience. You can watch on your TV, desktop, phone, or tablet, and even download shows and movies so you can watch without an internet connection. New content is added weekly, and you can browse titles with a variety of handy filters. As you rate your favorite shows, the recommendation engine will also help you find new titles to watch. Your only problem will be finding hats big enough for your newly knowledge-stuffed head.

CuriosityStream has earned 4.0 stars on PC Mag, 4.3 stars on the Google Play Store, and 4.7 stars on the App Store. Find out why when you get a lifetime subscription to a CuriosityStream HD Plan for 28% off $250 at $179.

Prices are subject to change.

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