Xbox Store Is Somehow Selling A Hilarious 'God Of War' Knockoff

Hey, it's better than nothing.
Xbox Store Is Somehow Selling A Hilarious 'God Of War' Knockoff

Seeing Kratos from the God Of War series living free from the chains of a Sony console rubs many Playstation fans the wrong way, as they somehow oppose the prospect of their favorite company making too much money. Regardless, many of Sony's games are coming to the PC, and Kratos has somehow found his way onto the Xbox in the most bonkers way imaginable. Yes, Xbox fans can finally rejoice as it's now possible to play as Kratos on the Microsoft console. Too bad it's not in God Of War Ragnarök but rather this:

We have very bad news for the exactly 0 people who got very impressed by the gameplay shown above. Yeah, expert video game sleuths have already confirmed that we're not looking at an official or even authorized product made by sony, but rather at a knockoff that Microsoft is somehow selling on its official platform. This obvious work of Loki is called – we kid you not – War Gods Zeus of Child. That sounds a lot like something a bad AI would write to try and make the ripoff look less obvious, but it looks as if even the AI understood that there's no way that will ever fly, so the title screen actually calls the game God Of Warning.

Knockoff Kratos


We had to screenshot it because we were not sure anyone would believe us.

Below is some glorious gameplay that leads us to believe that there are new abilities that allow Kratos to go through enemies or that maybe the game has no collision physics (or any other sort of physics, really).

And aside from a model that serves as a good preview of the inevitable cameo of Kratos on Fortnite, the game just plays exactly like what you'd expect from something called War Gods Zeus Of Child. Chances are this will be removed from the Xbox store soon, but if not, we recommend our readers not to fall for the weird and low price of $4.09 – this is not worth it. 

Top Image: Sony

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