The Clever Easter Egg Hidden In The Assassin's Creed Logo

The Clever Easter Egg Hidden In The Assassin's Creed Logo

Assassin’s Creed is one of the biggest and best game series around. What grew out of an abandoned Prince of Persia title, became a gaming juggernaut in its own right now stretching into its second decade of excellence. Developer Ubisoft sees the series as one of their bread and butter titles and they take great care with each game, especially when it comes to details. Their team of historical researchers and anthropologists who help build the world and design each game were so good that they even predicted a hidden room in the pyramids. Sure, they’ve also got bananas ancient aliens style lore wedged in there alongside horrifying horse skeletons made from human models, but the level of detail with the world building is unparalleled. Just a heads up here, there are some spoilers for AC Origins below.


Eagle noggin in the sand.

In Assassin’s Creed Origins, in the final scene (before the DLC of course), Bayek goes to speak to his wife one last time. He drops the eagle skull necklace which belonged to his murdered son on the ground, symbolically casting off his old life as a father. Grieving mother and founder of the Hidden Ones, Aya picks up the eagle skull, revealing the symbol adopted by the Assassins from then on. Boom. Heart wrenching, mind blowing revelation.


Eagle noggin in a hand.

For years, players had assumed that the logo was based off of the Freemasons Compass, meant to symbolize wisdom. And the AC sign definitely does look like that, but next time you take down an eagle and are cleaning its skull, peep the bottom. It’s a whole ass Assassin’s Creed logo. Origins was released in 2017, a full decade after the series first debuted. But some clever gamers had speculated about the skull symbol even before that. Good on ya Redditors. Eagles play an important symbolic role in the series. Most protagonists have some form of eagle vision or eagle assisted enemy tagging. Even the pointed hood is meant to evoke a bird of prey vibe. We really all should have guessed sooner, but hunting eagles is, in fact, highly illegal. And most people wouldn’t stop to check out a pile of bones while they’re on a hike in eagle territory because, hey, that’s nasty.

Eagle noggin says “good job Ubisoft.”
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