'Nier Automata' Fan Stumbled Upon Secret That The Director Can't Talk About

The greatest mystery of a game that officially had no mysteries left to solve.
'Nier Automata' Fan Stumbled Upon Secret That The Director Can't Talk About

Back on the 26 of July 2022, A Nier Automata player supposedly found the coolest secret in the history of Nier Automata, a pretty big deal considering how Automata has 20 secret endings that are there just to mess with the minds of players. The discovery shows a gorgeous church hidden deep underneath the game's map.

It gets weird, though, as we've talked about how Yoko Taro, the reclusive director of Nier Automata, had already congratulated players on breaking his precious game to uncover its final secret. The discovery quickly gained immense traction and things got even weirder when players questioned Taro about the new mystery and he replied that he just couldn't talk about it. Had an even secreter secret been waiting in the depths of Nier all along, or was this a fanmade creation and Taro was just using the chance to troll his fans for a bit?

The discovery immediately found the backing of numerous hackers who claimed that the likelihood of it not being real was very low, but many remained skeptical. The virality of Nier's church kept on growing, with references to it popping up in other games, games that are probably too old to still have mysteries left in them.

A week later, the mystery came to an end. The hidden church was a mod intended to show off a few new tools that will allow for the creation of some amazing new stuff for Automata. The mod's creator didn't really mean for the myth to grow that big but seeing Taro not immediately shooting him down probably inspired him to keep the ruse, and we're all the better for the wild ride. Alex Navarro puts it best:

Anyone feeling let down for the church turning out to be a fan work shouldn't worry too much, as the project it was meant to preview looks absolutely astonishing:

Top Image: Square Enix

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