The Joke Hall Of Fame opens its doors after a massive expansion to welcome in its newest 15 jokes. With the addition of sensory deprivation tanks, an Ikea food court, and a bathhouse, the Joke Hall Of Fame is even warmer and inviting than ever before.  Enjoy these 15 new jokes as we request more money to keep expanding the Hall Of Fame's space.  

Wanda Sykes

“Russia, they sneaky. Them some sneaky motherf*ckers. Who else would think of those little stacking dolls? What the f*ck is that? All those damn nesting dolls. That’s some sneaky sh*t. “Oh, here’s another one.” “Open it again.” “It’s another one! And another one! And another one! Okay, this is the last one, right? God damn, there’s another one!'”

Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler


“Marriage is good, guys. Marriage is good. You’ll like it one day if you’re not married. You just got to keep it mysterious. You got to keep the mystery alive. Like, my wife has no idea where I go for weeks at a time. – It’s f*cking… It’s a big mystery.”

Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle


“They got a character on there named Oscar, they treat this guy like sh*t the entire show. They judge him right in his face, "Oscar you are so mean! Isn't he kids?’, ‘Yeah Oscar! You’re a grouch!’, its like ‘B*TCH! I LIVE IN A F*CKING TRASHCAN!’”

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