Steam's Most Wishlisted Game Is Asking For Unpaid Workers

A zombie game developed through a business model that also needs to get killed.
Steam's Most Wishlisted Game Is Asking For Unpaid Workers

Most of us agree that two things we should've done away with a long time ago are unpaid work and video games about zombies. Yeah, Left 4 Dead was (and still is) great, but even its makers got tired of zombies before even making the game that would start the avalanche of zombie games that is yet to stop. Despite fun – if done very right, it's a self-limiting genre that has failed to bring anything new to the table for many years now. Equally unable to bring stuff to the table are people who work for free, which is what the developers of The Day Before, Steam's most wish-listed game, are asking for.

Yeah, even though the game is sure to cause a splash whenever it comes out because it's somehow the most wanted game on steam right now, the people behind it have opted for volunteer work and adopted the revolutionary payment method of free codes and “participation certificates”. FNTASTIC, the people behind the zombie survival MMO have stated that everyone at FNTASTIC is a volunteer. Neat, too bad that's not all there is to it. Some of these volunteers get a salary, and some others don't. This is an especially disheartening move (though not a surprising one) when coming from a large and successful game company. FNTASTIC states that they wouldn't let coders go unpaid, as the call for unpaid work is meant for localization and writing work – naturally jobs a company that would come up with a name as bland and derivative as “The Day After” wouldn't consider important.

the zombies from the day before


Pictured: the zombies from the game, or perhaps a preview of what the volunteers working on it will look like after a few months. Who knows.


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