Wow The New Splatoon Looks Great (It’s Actually Street Fighter 6)

Wide Ryu is gonna ink all over the place.
Wow The New Splatoon Looks Great (It’s Actually Street Fighter 6)

Inklings rejoiced in delight and Street Fighter fans either pumped their fists or kicked over their TV’s when they saw the latest gameplay from the much anticipated Street Fighter 6. As Chun-Li and Guile throw massive, meaty limbs at the physical bodies of their opponents, it seems the sheer force of their might manifests in something that Splatoon heads will find very familiar looking… globs and splashes of ink. 


One in the ink… two in the…

Street Fighter 6 is the newest title in the legacy brawler series which has spawned some of the most iconic characters in gaming. It's always been known for it's stylish combat and explosive colorways which have become synonymous with the colors and frenetic energy of an arcade. Street Fighter 6 is taking that to a whole new level with colorful ink blasts that fly off of the fighter's bodies for some inexplicable and awesome reason. 


Guile is radiating color and kinda reminds me of this kid Brock who used to bully me.

They've smoothed out their logo, a welcome change from the boring first draft which was so bad, it inspired a fan conspiracy theory. The new logo is still not great; it took us a brain bendingly long time to figure out that the updated logo is supposed to be the number 6 and the letter ‘S’, but it's an improvement. 


The new logo is… fine.

The similarities between this hardcore fighting game and a family friendly game about splashing your friends with goo are astounding.



Here's the cover art for Splatoon. 


Splatoo- wait a minute…

Here's a still from the new Street Fighter. 

Uncanny. This is clearly a Splatoon game! The blending of the neon colors into a beautiful melange of battle seems to be the hallmark of both, but the Inklings got their first. And while Street Fighter is in it's 6th major installment, Splatoon 3 might just wind up being a better game, if initial reports about SF6 hold true. Street Fighter 6 is slated to release in 2023, a year that's shaping up to be as full of releases as 2022 is empty. Still no word on whether the sexy lumberjack character fans are hoping will appear on the roster has actually made the cut.


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