It Costs $100K To Fully Gear Up One's 'Diablo Immortal' Character, Because Microtransactions

"It's a great game, actually" - actual millionaires, probably.
It Costs $100K To Fully Gear Up One's 'Diablo Immortal' Character, Because Microtransactions

Diablo Immortal is finally out, and it likely won't be the game to save Activision Blizzard from a curse in ancient gamer tongue that roughly translates to “easily predictable consequences of their dumbass actions”.Yes, Diablo Immortal currently occupies third place in the inverted podium of Blizzard's worst games of all time, and it seems interested in getting even “higher”. Fans have hated Diablo Immortal ever since its announcement, but just like the ugly duckling in the story that all real-life swans are based on, it too grew into something neat – right before bitting off the dick of the people trying to pet it. Yeah, Diablo Immortal is a surprisingly good game, but only for those of us capable of making the intellectual or monetary effort of looking past all of its microtransactions shenanigans.


Wow, Diablo Immortal is like the already meh Diablo 3 but with dumb mobile microtransactions? Sign us the hell up to this hell.

And the problem isn't just mere microtransactions, it's microtransactions that we actually need to make if we want the chance to be more than a moving target on PVP. While Diablo Immortal isn't technically pay-to-win because most players will feel like they can get everything just from playing the game, hardcore players who aren't actual immortal beings will likely disagree with the statement. Everything is fine and dandy up to level 50, but then the game becomes an intentional slog where the biggest enemies are no longer big-ass demons but pop-ups trying to get players to buy stuff that'll somehow make the difficult-but-totally-fair game a bit easier. Even worse, grinding won't get the best possible gear, and people don't even get to directly buy a demon hunter's signature rocket launcher. Players have to contend with buying loot boxes legendary crates in the hopes that they'll get the real good stuff. And it is expensive. People have already done the math, and to get the best equipment in the game, players will need to spend upwards of $100,000. Yes, that is not a joke.

Diablo Immortal currently enjoys a 0.7 user score, a mere 0.1 points higher than Warcraft 3: Reforged, but a very strong 0.3 points higher than World Of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic.


But Immortal is young, so it still has a lot of time to do better.

Top Image: Activision Blizzard

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