A rewatch of Malcolm In The Middle is like finding a treasure trove of hidden cameos you forgot existed from the not yet discovered, to the Hollywood elite. Here are 15 stars you probably forgot were guests on Malcolm In The Middle.

Jim O’Heir

Jim O'heir Malcolm In The Middle


Hey! It’s Larry Gingerch from Parks And Rec. Jim O’Heir played a truck driver who let Francis hitch a ride. He ends up forcing Francis to wear as many weird props in his car as he can in order to prove a point about how far people are willing to go to avoid discomfort.

Betty White

Betty White Malcolm In The Middle


Betty White is the upside-down version of Chloris Leachman's character. While Leachman plays Lois’ biological mother, Betty White plays the mother of Lois’ father’s secret family. This is the episode where Malcolm gets a chance to see what his life would be like if he had been born in Canada. We can all dream, Malcolm.

Jason Alexander

Jason Alexander Malcolm In The Middle


Jason Alexander plays future Malcolm in the episode of the same name. Alexander was a fantastic choice for this role as at this point in the series, Malcolm is at his most neurotic and self-conscious. Alexander serves as a grim reminder of what Malcolm may eventually turn into. 

Yvette Nicole Brown

Yvette Nicole Brown Malcolm In The Middle


Community’s Yvette Nicole Brown plays a TSA agent at an airport in the episode “Bride Of Ida.” Brown eases Lois’ concerns by telling her she can request up to 2 female witnesses for her pat-down.

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