Light Up Your Life With These Custom Lanterns

Light Up Your Life With These Custom Lanterns

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They don’t call it “mood lighting” for nothing. It turns out that lighting actually has a decent impact on your productivity. Poor lighting can make you drowsy, less productive or look unapproachable and creepy on a video call, so nip that problem in the bulb! You can create your very own light source that you can't wait to turn on all the time with this Uniqcube Customized Light Box Voucher Deal.

Featured on the BBC, The Chive, The Daily Telegraph, and more, Uniqcube is the first custom light box that you can completely make your own. These handy desktop cube lanterns offer relaxing ambient lighting that shines through a lightweight, flexible, and resilient material that almost resembles a Chinese lantern. You can place them on any surface or use them as hanging lamps.

But what makes Uniqcube really cool is that you can customize them with photos of your friends, places you love, Jason Momoa’s pecs, or anything else that strikes your fancy. Design your personalized lamp by uploading images, setting background colors, and adding text if you'd like to on each of the six sides. You can preview your designs, choose between small or standard sizes, and then place an order. Before you know it, your personalized lamp will arrive on your doorstep ready to start shining.

Save yourself from the curse of poor lighting and brighten your life. Right now, with this Uniqcube Customized Light Box Voucher Deal, you can design your own light for 18% off $98 at just $79.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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