'Stardew Valley' Players Have Turned Grandpa Murder Into Art

The most bizarre story mod of the year.
'Stardew Valley' Players Have Turned Grandpa Murder Into Art

Stardew Valley is a glorious 2d pixel art video game that dared to take on Animal Crossing for the very competitive crown of “most chill game ever made”. While the battle is yet to find a victor, Stardew certainly wins in the category of being available on anything other than a Nintendo console. Stardew Valley is one of the best and most successful Indie titles of all time, but it doesn't feature much of a story. It's all about the main character taking care of the farm they'd just inherited after the passing of their really nice grandfather. That's very sad, so modders have decided to bring a bit more fun to it. And how would they do just that, our readers ask? Well, by creating alternate death scenarios for the poor grandfather, but of course!


Canonical death for reference and as a “do not continue” sign for those who don't want to see the game's lore getting tarnished by hilarity.

 One of these scenarios has gramps dying from what we assume is a soda overdose.

Soda overdose gramps by Arcane


Very tragic, but a total gamer™ way to go.

An even more tragic death has gramps dying from a fall that causes him to look like an unconscious character from Family Guy

Family Guy death posture by BeepSignal


The fall itself is much less tragic than the association with Family Guy.

Some other alternate deaths take a straight-up surreal turn.

be your own deathbed by Novamare


Not even “Elden Ring” features this many bizarre ways to die.

And some others are very minimalistic, like 

empty bed by switchswatchh


Is he even dead? Wait, let's see what's underneath the bed.

bedless gramps by Croey


-oh, he's dead, alright.

If the people reading this are just a healthy amount of twisted, then laughing at this should be enough for them. If they're fully twisted, however, we'd like them to know we totally encourage them to create their own dead gramps scenario!

Top Image: ConcernedApe

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