Julia Louis Dreyfus as Blonda

Blonda Fairly Odd Parents


The Veep queen herself appears as the voice of Wanda’s sister, Blonda

You know Hartman is a big Seinfeld fan as The April Fool character is also just an impression of Jerry Seinfeld.

Norm Macdonald As Norm the Genie

Norm Fairly Odd Parents


Who could’ve guessed that the actor playing Norm the Genie was none other than comedy legend Norm Macdonald. I guessed I should’ve known this one, but when you’re 7 you have no idea who Norm Macdonald is.

Gilbert Godfried As Dr.Bender

Dr.Bender Fairly Odd Parents


This is definitely one where you look back and go, “Oh, of course that was Gilbert Gottfried.” Gilbert played the evil dentist Dr. Bender, and his evil little son. 

Queen Latifa as Dromeda

Pam Dromeda Fairly Odd Parents


Queen Latifah plays a small role in the Crash Nebula origin story episode, “Crash Nebula.” Queen Latifah lends her voice to Pam Dromeda, Crash Nebula’s superhero space coach.

Tom Arnold As Corporate Santa

Santa Fairly Odd Parents


Every child’s hero, Tom Arnold, is the voice actor responsible for “Corporate Santa Clause” in the episode “Christmas Every Day.” Tom Arnold’s version of Santa is the business minded and skinnier Saint Nick, before he has fairy magic poured down his gullet to become the plump version we all know and love.

Jackie Mason As Harvey Sandman

Harvey Sandman Fairly Odd Parents


Little kids everywhere rejoiced the first time they heard the character Harvey Sandman. “Mommy, is that my comedy idol, Jackie Mason?” said all the children. “Yes, honey it is,” replied their mothers.

Tom Kenny As Cupid

Cupid Fairly Odd Parents


Tom Kenny actually plays a multitude of characters over the course of the series, with a personal favorite being Cupid. This means Tom was getting those Spongebob checks AND Fairly Odd Parents checks. 

Kenny can drop a band in the club any time he likes. 

Frankie Muniz as Chester Mcbadbat

Chester Fairly Odd Parents


The entire reason this list exists. I watched an episode back and realized that Frankie Muniz was the voice of Timmy’s friend, Chester Mcbadbat, this entire time. 

This child actor was working even HARDER than I originally had thought!

Jay Leno As The Crimson Chin

Crimson Chin Fairly Odd Parents


I had no idea this entire time that the voice of the Crimson Chin was….Jay Leno. It adds an entire new level of joke to the character name. Slow claps for you, Hartman.

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Top Image: Nickelodeon & Broadway Video


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