The Office: 15 Actors Considered For The Role Of Michael Scott

William H. Macy IS... Michael Scott?
The Office: 15 Actors Considered For The Role Of Michael Scott

In the book, The Office: The Untold Story of the Greatest Sitcom of the 2000s, all the actors considered for the role of Michael Scott are revealed. How many would've worked? How many could've been as GOOD as Steve Carrell. Using our scale with Carell being a 10/10 Michael Scott, lets see how 15 actors considered for the role would've compared.

Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson Zoolander

Paramount Pictures Studios

Can you see it now? “Wowwwww, an office olympics? Wowwwwww, bring your daughter to work day!” Let it be known that my well for Owen Wilson jokes may not run deep, but the series definitely would've had a completely different energy. This pick is a solid 5/10.

Eugene Levy

Eugene Levy Waiting for guffman

Castle Rock Entertainment

Ok, yes. This is the one. A mockumentary veteran, begrudgingly trying to be friends with everyone in the office while still administering cutbacks from corporate. Eugene’s portrayal of loveable idiots is the stuff of legend. I firmly believe Levy could’ve knocked this role out of the park, 10/10.

Jason Segel

Forgetting sarah marshall Jason Segal

Universal Pictures

Listen, I love Jason Segal, but he’s not Michael Scott. He does have that great lovable buffoon energy, but he doesn’t seem like anyone’s boss. Now Jason Segal as Jim, there’s an idea. 3/10.

Andy Richter

Let’s give Andy his time to shine. Another good hearted idiot type actor, I think he just might pull this one off. Richter’s whole job on Conan is improvising off of what the guests say, so his comedy chops are there, but would he be able to pull off the serious moments? We may never know. 7/10

Cedric the Entertainer

Cedric the Entertainer Barbershop 3

New Line Cinema

Ok you want to talk about a completely different direction for Michael, let’s talk about Cedric The Entertainer. We’d have a different direction on episodes like “Diversity Day” surely, but theres no doubting Cedric has the comedy background to pull it off. I think if the show stayed close to the British office, this one could have worked. 6/10. 8/10 for the British version.

Matthew Broderick

Ok this is a real 50/50 split for me internally. Adorable guy, very timid, and wants his employees to like him. However, improvisation is such an important part of the character, I just don’t know that Ferris has the comedy speed for this role. 5/10. 

Christopher Guest

Christopher Guest Best in Show

Castle Rock Entertainment

This may be biased as Guest is my favorite director of all time, but this seems like a no-brainer, right? The star of possibly the most famous mockumentary in history, who has shown he can inhabit any character, and has a deep understanding of motivation and story. 10/10, reboot the series again with Guest and I won’t complain.

William H. Macy

William H Macy Fargo

Gramercy Pictures

Talk about a pick from left field! I don’t think Macy has the same comedy improvisation skills as Carrell, but God knows those tender moments would’ve been tender as HELL. Macy luckily has his own British adaptation to work on with Shameless. 4/10.

Paul F. Tompkins

Paul F. Tompkins


O.K., maybe this will be an unpopular opinion but give me this version right now. Paul F. Tompkins is a master improviser, suit wearing, sweetheart. Tompkins certainly would be different from Carrell, but different doesn’t mean worse. 10/10.

Rick Moranis

Rick Moranis Honey I Shrunk The Kids

The Walt Disney Company

In an alternate universe, Rick Moranis decided to not spend time with his kids at home, and instead chose to be Michael Scott. Surely a gentler, but equally misguided version. This pick gets a 9/10. Moranis’ comedy chops are without question, and his version of Michael Scott seems totally viable.

Dan Aykroyd

Would doing the office have kept Dan Aykroyd from going insane in recent years? Dan’s version surely would’ve captured a “well meaning a**hole” energy, but I wonder how he’d do in the more tender moments. 7/10

Stanley Tucci

Stanley Tucci Easy A

Screen Gems

Stanley freaking Tucci. While it seems as though Tucci will give an A+ performance no matter the role he is in, this would be an interesting one to see. Tucci appears to inhabit his characters fully so who knows if he could pull off Michael Scott? 8/10 for curiosity. 

Jon Favreau

I can actually see this one. Jon Favreau most likely would’ve lacked some of the sweetness that Carrell brought to the role, but I think he would’ve made up for it with having a more realistic look at a hard a** boss. 7.5/10

Steve Buscemi

Steve buscemi 30 Rock


I see it now, Steve Buscemi as Michael Scott attempting to steal the copier from the Nashua branch. Steve Buschemi showing up to Pam’s art show and offering her a Chunky. Buscemi has a great mix of comedy and serious roles in his back pocket and might just pull it off. 8.5/10.

John C. Reilly

John C Reilly Walk Hard

Columbia Pictures

Just 10/10. I mean c’mon right? John C. Reilly has always found such a sweet spot in between comedy and drama, just like Steve Carrell. I think the show would have turned out the most similar if Reilly had joined the cast, and how legendary would those Will Ferrell episodes be?

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Top Image: Castle Rock Entertainment


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