Nintendo Exposed For Using Fanmade Emulators On The Switch

Will Nintendo finally start giving fans the treatment they deserve?
Nintendo Exposed For Using Fanmade Emulators On The Switch

Uh oh, a huge leak has just revealed that Nintendo has been using fanmade programs to test their own hardware. yes, just so we're clear, this is about that Nintendo that lives for the purge of every piece of fanmade content regardless of whether it's made for profit or just for fun. The same leak that revealed that the Nintendo Switch is about to get a bunch of old games on official emulators,

Yes, the leak is real, and no, the SCAT game isn't a dirty joke we just made up.

has also revealed that Nintendo has come up with a serious case of the hypocrisies, as the company has allegedly been using fanmade code to test its official products.

For quality assurance, the company uses its official test software, sure, but for even more quality assurance, Nintendo also makes use of 160p test suite, a famous piece of fan software whose very notes hilariously state that it's a piece of free software that features no warranty whatsoever.

160p Test Suite's notes
Nintendo attempted to break the guy's legs, but when they noticed he would have none of that because he had none of those, they knew that the only alternative was to give him a job.

Just so we're clear, there's absolutely nothing wrong about Nintendo using fanmade stuff – we actually love it. This is not the equivalent of, say, a hypothetical reality where the United States employed "ex" nazi scientists to create NASA, a similarly sounding organization that we just made up. This is an arguably a bit humiliating situation for Nintendo, sure, but one they should use to build some awesome bridges that'll make use of the untapped capabilities of so many fans of the company. It's time they stop trying to put their enemies in prison and start getting them jobs. They could start with Bowser (the hacker, not the turtle).

Give him one of these with a note that reads “You dropped this, King”.

Top Image: Nintendo


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