Drunk Airplane Idiot Gets Punched By Mike Tyson

You could not be messing with the wronger guy.
Drunk Airplane Idiot Gets Punched By Mike Tyson

Alcohol impairs judgment. That’s no new information, and it’s something that you can learn by drinking 1 too many beers just a single time. In exchange for that big night out, you might risk having to walk back some highly ill-advised text messages, wash a spilled late-night snack out of your bedsheets. However, one airline passenger that was reportedly smacked out of his gourd received possibly the number one worst outcome you can have in terms of overindulgence: getting punched in the head by Mike Tyson.

In the report and video from TMZ, the passenger/human speed bag in question is repeatedly bothering Mike Tyson and leaning over his seat into his personal space. Apparently, Tyson had been perfectly cordial until… he wasn’t, even taking a selfie with the guy’s friend before boarding. I can only imagine his dismay when the glass-eyed drunk fan from the gate stumbled into the seat directly behind him. We’ve all had that heart-crushing moment when the exact person from the gate we were praying would be nowhere near us stops at our row and informs us “I think that’s my seat,” right before cracking open a big jar of olives they brought from home or whatever.


A man trying to return to his seat and resume his book after getting punched by Mike Tyson.

Now, I certainly won’t sit here and pretend Mike Tyson is an angel, famous for biting off a portion of an opponent’s ear and having been convicted of sexual assault. Perhaps simply another reason that even at high levels of inebriation, you might not choose to #*$% with him. Even just from a lizard brain perspective, you’d think some sort of alarm would activate when you start to feel aggressive energy from a huge man that clearly knows how to punch real good.

Witness reports mention the man being “extremely intoxicated” and asking “unintelligible questions” to the boxer, even after being asked to “relax” by Tyson. Based on this level of intoxication and physical proximity, we can also guess that each question was coupled with a beer-scented spritz of spit directly onto the back of Tyson’s head. Tyson, along with the now-bloodied but surprisingly fine-looking passenger, disembarked immediately after the incident. He’s lucky Tyson had enough control to hit him with what seems like maybe a weak jab, instead of uppercutting his head off his shoulders into the overhead bin.

Top Image: Birzer/Pixabay

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