17 Comedies That Feature That One Nerd (You Know The One)

Dude gets around.
17 Comedies That Feature That One Nerd (You Know The One)

Jesse Heiman is perhaps the most popular extra in Hollywood. If you've ever seen a TV show or movie that needs a nerd, you've most likely already seen him. Over the years Jesse has racked up a massive number of background work, with his face popping up in some pretty funny places.  Let's see how many comedies are apart of the JCU (Jesse Cinematic Universe).

Austin Powers in Goldmember

Jesse Heiman Austin Powers Goldmember

New Line Cinema

At one point Jesse was a classmate of Dr. Evil, Austin Powers, Basil Exposition, and Number 2. Could this mean that he is canonically also a trained agent?

Old School

Jesse Heiman Old School


Jesse has gone to school… a lot. Here he is in his fraternity Lambda Epsilon Omega. These images are starting to feel more and more like the last shot in The Shining.

Grounded For Life

Jesse Heiman Grounded For Life


A few years later he's out of college and back in high school… in the 80's! Is it possible Jesse is some kind of immortal God-like being? A celestial oracle to warn us that golden comedy is in your presence?

Drake And Josh

Jesse Heiman Drake & Josh


Jesse was spotted watching Drake & Josh sing “Soul Man” from The Blues Brothers at a talent show. A scene that had every kid watching say, “I don't know what this is referencing at all.”

Reno 911!

Jesse Heiman Reno 911

Comedy Central

Did you know that Jesse auditioned for American Idol at the same time as Lieutenant Jim Dangle? In this universe do you think Jesse went on to win the gold? Perhaps in another JCU movie, we'll learn he's as big as Carrie Underwood.

My Name Is Earl

Jesse Heiman My Name Is Earl


Jesse is BACK in high school, baby! This time he can be seen in My Name Is Earl, as a part of Randy's terrible football team. 

Arrested Development

Jesse Heiman Arrested Development


Jesse Heiman is also seen here in Arrested Development watching Maeby's new movie. I will now be on the watch for any future films where Jesse may have a frozen banana.

The Mindy Project

Jesse Heiman The Mindy Project


Finally we know how Jesse makes his money when he's not time traveling or in school. He works at a movie theater making yummy popcorn. Add this to the fan wiki pronto.

Big Bang Theory

Jesse heiman Big bang theory


Is it any surprise that Jesse belongs in the Big Bang Theory universe? He's in a few episodes of the show, and it's good to know he has a group of close friends.

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Jesse Heiman Curb Your Enthusiasm


Here we can see that Jesse either lives in L.A., or perhaps was visiting for business or pleasure. He also likes to partake in ice cream in his spare time apparently. 

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Jesse Heiman Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Universal Pictures

Jesse is a fan of the arts! This scene in Forgetting Sarah Marshall solidifies Jesse in yet another audience member position. He's going to plays, movies, and teen talent shows all the time. Way to support, Jesse!


Jesse Heiman Monk


Honestly I'm not sure about the context of this scene from Monk. I think it's safe to assume Jesse is a fan of aliens, or perhaps an alien himself. This would help explain the time traveling, and the best place for an alien to hide would be in plain sight.

How I Met Your Mother

Jesse Heiman How I Met Your Mother


On Valentine's Day, Jesse and his friend offered to take some ladies out on the town for hot dogs on this episode of How I Met Your Mother. Robin refers to them as "White Urkels,"  unaware of the power that stands before her. 

Parks and Rec

Jesse Heiman Park's and Rec


Ok we can now canonically say that Jesse is FROM Pawnee, Indiana. In this episode of Parks and Rec, it's said that putting your mouth over the entire water fountain is a quark specific to Pawnee. I need to add more thumbtacks and red string to my board.

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Jesse Heiman Always Sunny In Philidelphia


We now know thanks to his appearance in It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia that Jesse is a fan of the game “Techpocalypse”. We also now know he is not afraid of entering Charlie and Frank's apartment. They should be afraid of HIM entering it.

American Pie

Jesse Heiman American Pie

Universal Pictures

Jesse can play the trombone! “This one time at band camp, I met an immortal God named Jesse Heiman who told me exactly when and how I'd die.”

The Goldbergs

Jesse Heiman Goldbergs


To add a little more confusion to the end of this list, let it be known that according to The Goldbergs, Jesse was also in college in the 80's. But hey, if you were immortal, wouldn't you want to go back to college too?

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Top Image: CBS

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