The 'Streets Of Rage' Movie Needs What Made The Games Great: The Incredible Soundtrack

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The 'Streets Of Rage' Movie Needs What Made The Games Great: The Incredible Soundtrack

We just got the news that every gamer who has survived the ‘90s is about to be blessed by a film adaptation of Sega Genesis beat ‘em up classic Streets Of Rage by Derek Kolstad, a man so talented he created John Wick and even managed to turn Bob Odenkirk into a legitimate action star in his spare time. Moreover, the upcoming adaptation is also being produced by the people behind the Sonic The Hedgehog films or, as the cool kids and grownups alike like to call them, the only video game adaptations that don’t suck ass. It’s brilliant that they got a top screenwriter to pen the script, shows that they really don't want to mess up a complex story about “hot dudes and dudette team up with a good cop who routinely bombs the city to defeat the evil gangs responsible for all of society's ills”, but they better also pay attention to the thing that made the games punch above everyone else: their awesome music.

Oh, turns out there actually is a story, too bad we weren't able to – and still aren't – to pay attention to it over the awesomeness that is this soundtrack. 

Streets Of Rage didn't just have a soundtrack that was good “for a video game”, or one that was good because all of its songs were ripoffs. It featured a fully original soundtrack composed by the legends Yuzo Koshiro and Motohiro Kawashima that's all bangers all the time. As kids, many of us probably thought that this was what all games would end up sounding like soon but no, this is a transgressive piece of musical history that effortlessly combined ‘90s house, trance, techno, drum ’n' bass, jungle, and even gabba music, whatever that is.

So yeah, give us a film fuelled by that and chances are no one will complain about even dumb plot points like the main characters' need to go feasting on whole roasted chickens they find behind dumpsters right before the boss fights.

a very creepy poster


Ok, maybe we also need the film to look a bit better than this.

Top Image: Sega

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