'Roblox' Modders Perfectly Remake And Improve Upon Classic Games

The kids' game is just a few good business practices away from being one of the best games ever made.
'Roblox' Modders Perfectly Remake And Improve Upon Classic Games

It's totally fine that the Roblox corporation is making hundreds of millions of dollars out of allegedly enticing children to literally work on the game in the hopes of making unattainable money, but we draw the line at secretly allowing kids to play DOOM. Yeah, do parents know that this young entrepreneur simulator is being used to play extremely violent games? Now they will know (because they're awesome). Turns out that despite its extremely ghoulish business practices, Roblox really does provide an amazing sandbox that kids and adults alike can use in order to create all sorts of exciting experiences. We're about to enter the world of "total conversions", a type of mod that does the best possible thing one can do to Roblox, which is to make Roblox look as little to Roblox as possible, and more like actually cool stuff.

There's Loomian Legacy, a game that dares to ask the question “what if we reimagined Pokémon with actual semi-modern-looking graphics?”. It's free, it plays great and it's probably the successful Pokémon rip-off least likely to take money away from players.

The battles in Loomian Legacy

Loomian Legacy

Another awesome mod is Sonic Speed Simulator, yet another Roblox game made by enthusiasts that seems at least miles better than any Sonic game made by the pros. Look at this.

Ok, now that the two kinds of kids that exist have left to download those mods, we can talk about the forbidden stuff. 

One of the best games of the decade was DOOM from 2016, and another one was DOOM Eternal from 2020. Both games absolutely stunned fans of first-person shooters, but Roblox players thought they'd work even better together, so they remade and cobbled together their preferred parts in Roblox. Meet RooM 2, a competitive arena shooter somehow superior to DOOM's online mode.

legitimately amazing arena shooter action


It looks plays and feels just like an arena classic, with the only difference being how every enemy looks like a Roblox character.

more RooM 2 gameplay


But who doesn't love the idea of obliterating these monstrosities?

Top Image: Roblox Corporation

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