'Metal Gear Solid' Hides The Scariest Easter Egg Ever Conjured by Hideo Kojima

'Metal Gear Solid' Hides The Scariest Easter Egg Ever Conjured by Hideo Kojima

When attempting to make Silent Hills, Hideo Kojima stated that he wasn't trying to make a game that would make players pee their pants, he was making a game that would make them sh*t their pants. We could see that as a completely normal attempt at hyping up just another horror game, but we're pretty sure that the few people who've discovered all the secrets hidden in the original Metal Gear Solid would have believed him. One could have a hard time buying someone who fills up all of his games with goofy shenanigans as a master of horror, but it turns out that goofiness popping up in unexpected places is the best nightmare fuel. Kojima planted the seed for some of the best scares in the history of video games just by giving players a photo camera in the first game. Unlike the camera from MGS 2, the camera in MGS1 is 100% useless in terms of plot progression, and since this was long before we could share video game screenshots online, it went unused by most players. Good for them, because those who actually made use of it were in for up to 42 deadly scares.

Torture room ghost


Goofy like a clown doing tricks at a birthday party: eh, ok
Goofy like a clown even existing one minute after sundown: NO

Possibly in an attempt to flex on rival game developers of the time, Kojima came up with one of the greatest games ever made and even had the time to fill it with 42 ghostly versions of his colleagues that players will only see when looking at their camera roll. While a few of them don't look too bad,

Metal gear room ghost Mineshi Kimura


That's as un-scary as it gets.

 it's important to note that most players were just trying to snap some pictures of MGS's beautiful Anime version of Alaska and not asking for any of this crap.

Vent ghost Ryoko Yoshimura


Ok, this one is kind of on this person for taking pictures inside a vent.

Imagine the goddamn Blair Witch Project reference below popping up after a 9-year-old player was trying to make the long elevator ride more palatable by snapping some pics.

Elevator ghost Fujimura


That was probably terrifying even for the loser 9-year olds who still hadn't seen The Blair Witch Project back in '99

This is just like Fatal Frame, a Japanese game where players face ghostly apparitions through the lens of a camera, except it's much better because it's goddamn Metal Gear Solid. These are great because if we pay close attention, it's clear that they're all going for a different kind of scare. The one below beautifully forces players to put effort into realizing what it is that it's about to scare them.

Snow ghost Masayuki Kobayashi


There's even an "exorcise" button, though we wonder how many '90s kids ever managed to exorcise some of these out of their heads.

blood ghost Ikuya Nakamura


This even provides some pretty good explanation as to why Psycho Mantis, the only psychic in the series, is kind of messed up.

Ok, that's too much spooky stuff for just one day, so let's try to end on a cuter note. Everyone likes cats, right? Ok, here:

mirror cat ghost Yukiko Kaneda


Uh, oh well, we tried.

Top Image: Konami


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