Hideo Kojima, Creator Of 'Metal Gear Solid' Teases His Next Big Move

It's time for some solid spectulation.
Hideo Kojima, Creator Of 'Metal Gear Solid' Teases His Next Big Move

Hideo Kojima, the visionary behind the Metal Gear Solid series just shared a few pictures on Twitter that show he's moving offices, something we assure you we wouldn't consider newsworthy coming from any other person in the galaxy. Ok, sure, readers deserve some context! This is the same guy who once made a tweet about “heading off”,

Hideo Kojima

a tweet that, for most, is only weird because it shows a tech legend playing on a very tiny tv – but there's much more. The uninitiated read the tweet as just a nice little tease to how players would go about entering missions on the then-upcoming Metal Gear Solid V (because that's what's in the goddamn picture), but fans started speculating that it actually meant Kojima was getting fired. Haha, no one is going to fire the most popular game developer in the world right before the release of the game! Fans are so crazy – and also correct. Konami unceremoniously fired Kojima and canceled his and Guillermo Del Toro's highly promising Silent Hills project. So now, by looking at his pictures of very ominous liminal spaces, maybe we can be forgiven for seeing more than just that.

Kojima Productions' lit corridor

Hideo Kojima

"It's just a corridor". Yeah, but do you know what's also just a corridor? The only portion of SIlent Hills we got to play.

We sure don't know what this might mean – besides the obvious part that they're moving offices, but we sure do know it means something. Kojima has evolved far beyond simple and practical stuff, sure, but the move itself strikes us as peculiar since the team had entered those offices just a few years ago to make Death Stranding. This may just mean that Kojima will now have everyone working from home to have them live like the characters in Death Stranding (like he predicted we'd do) to make a better sequel, but it might also mean something way more interesting.

Kojima Productions' old bar

Hideo Kojima

No room feels sadder than the old Metal Gear charging room.

If they really are moving for monetary reasons alone, this might force Kojima's next project to be a more grounded experience, something we could probably all benefit from. It can also mean the opposite, like Kojima joining the hordes of companies getting devoured by Microsoft, which could result in even more bloated projects. The completely unfounded dream here, however, would be to see Sony acquiring Kojima Productions, the rights to Konami's dormant IPs, and getting Kojima and his people to develop their new game in the offices of a small foggy town. 

Or maybe there's absolutely nothing to read into this one, and it's just the case of another ultra-expensive office getting abandoned by a develo– wait a minute, abandoned as in Abandoned, the mysterious game fans still believe is a secret Hideo Kojima project? OMG

Top Image: Kojima Productions


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