Niles Abston is a 27 year old award winning filmmaker and stand up comedian originally from Mississippi. He recently dropped his debut hour stand up comedy special Girls Don't Twerk to Jokes streaming on YouTube, Spotify, Apple, and all other platforms. On May 19th, he’ll be performing live in Seattle, WA and on May 20th he’ll be performing live in Portland, OR so be on the look out for tickets. Starting in June, he’ll be a part of the BLACK HISTORY YEAR WORLD TOUR with Lea’h Sampson & Yedoye Travis. Here's what Niles has been into lately:

Notice To Quit

It’s a stoner comedy noir thriller short film that I co-wrote and co-starred in with my roommate and fellow comedian Johnny Mac. It was my first time directing so we got some friends together and just made this really funny movie. I can’t wait for the day it gets the love and attention it deserves.

Chelse Greaux

Chelse Greaux is one of the best and just rawest stand up comedians in Los Angeles. I’ve seen her just do a hilarious set based on what literally happened to her right before she walked through the doors of the club. A couple years ago she had a really bad accident resulting in her having to use a cane and she ended up making this hilarious comedy album centered around it called “Yes I Cane.” It was some brilliant sh!t.

Duece Flame

 A lot of people in LA rap but not a lot of people in LA make hits. Duece Flame is a hit maker. He’s one of the most creative rap artists I’ve ever seen because he has befriended a lot of comedians in the LA comedy community so he uses humor and comedy to promote his new music. For instance, his music video for his hit song “Bakery” features comedians from around LA.

Problemagic Comedy’s “Reading Time”

Problemagic puts out some of the funniest sketches on the internet, and I don’t understand how they don’t have a tv show yet. This might be my favorite sketch they’ve done, and it stars the hilarious Skyler Higley. They’re some really weird and funny m'fers and I wish I could just be a fly on the wall during their writing sessions.

Arthur Hamilton: “Shutcho Ass Up”

A few years ago, local LA comedian Arthur Hamilton shot his first stand up comedy special. He edited it himself too. The whole special has this very off the cuff feel where it doesn’t even seem like he’s telling jokes and just giving you a hilarious insight into what’s going on in his head.

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