New Dungeons and Dragons Adventure Entirely From Authors of Color

Journeys through the Radiant Citadel is the most exciting D&D release in years.
New Dungeons and Dragons Adventure Entirely From Authors of Color

Get your adventuring party together because there’s a do not miss new adventure being published by Wizards of the Coast. The newest Dungeons and Dragons adventuring book comes out on June 21, 2022 and is an historic moment for the company and D&D players everywhere: this is the first published adventure written entirely by people of color. Let’s dive into more about the authors and the adventure.

Journeys through the Radiant Citadel will be available in hardback and digital, guiding players through 13 stand alone adventures. If you and your party would like to play them all as one campaign, they can be narratively tied together as well. The adventures run the gamut of difficulty for players levels 1-14, but if your party is already OP, that’s easy enough to adjust for a learned DM.

The adventures take place in and around the titular Radiant Citadel, a city on the Ethereal Plane full of magic (obviously), adventure (undeniably), and riches (inevitably). Perhaps most exciting to existing players are the inclusion of eleven new monsters which can be included in any homebrew campaign. Even if that homebrew campaign entails dating the monsters.

The writers drew on their own cultural experiences and backgrounds to craft these rich adventures just ripe for replaying. You’ll find Venezuelan inspired arepas in the “Orchids of the Invisible Mountain” adventure written by Terry Hope Romero. You can explore and help decide the fate of a city divided by a dour angel in the Iranian inspired adventure by new D&D Senior Game Designer Justice Ramin Arman. From writer T.K. Johnson comes an adventure inspired by their Louisiana family and the stories they brought from the Caribbean in “The Wages of Vice”. There’s a ton to explore in this volume and we can’t wait to get our adventuring mitts on it.

The stories vary in tone from seemingly light-hearted romps through magical marketplaces, fun ice-breaker games to let new parties warm up to each other, and darker, Gothic horror vibe adventures inspired by the American South. 

If you pick up this volume, you’ll even learn some new real world skills, as chapters have a pronunciation guide to help players pronounce sounds and names not so common to a Western audience. While much of high fantasy has fallen into the same, played out tropes inspired by Arhurian myths and daddy Tolkien, this book promises to bring a fresh, eye-opening, and much needed perspective to the 5e scene. Now if only they’d turn these stories into a D&D movie.



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