Doritos: The Latest Victim Of Inflation

A green paper butterfly flaps its wings and now I have 5 less chips.
Doritos: The Latest Victim Of Inflation

If you’re not aware, the United States is currently going through a severe period of inflation. That, combined with supply chain issues, has caused all sorts of problems. However, with something like inflation, where the effects are so wide in scale as to include pretty much every single consumer good, sometimes it can creep up on you, without a single large jump to shock you into realization. It just gnaws and chips at you and your bank account until one day you finally break and go “Hey am I f**king crazy or is milk expensive as hell?”

Now, all sorts of products have suffered from this, but Frito-Lay just confirmed a piece of information that may open the floodgates of realization for the U.S. population. An acknowledgement of a sneaking suspicion that might just awaken the sheeple.

Perhaps you’ve recently sat down to enjoy an NBA game, an episode of bad TV, or 7 straight hours of Hearthstone with a hearty bag of Doritos in tow. For a time, joy abounds. But, as it always does, that moment of dismay arrives–when you send your hand plunging into the crinkly depths of the bag only to find the well has run dry. Your fingertips feel nothing but gathered spice and crumbs, your knuckles dragging against the bag’s seasoned ceiling. The now feather-light bag lifts from the table with your hand, like a depressing boxing glove. You thought you had more time.

Moments before disaster.

If you’ve felt that this terrible moment has come more quickly than expected as of late, you’re 100% correct. As a result of this period of inflation, Frito-Lay has removed 5 Doritos from every bag. When faced with the proposition of either raising the price of all chip bags due to inflation and supply chain issues, or simply spiriting away a quintet of chips, they chose the second option. Said a representative to Quartz, “Inflation is hitting everyone… we took just a little bit out of the bag so we can give you the same price and you can keep enjoying your chips.”

Perhaps they thought we wouldn’t notice. They didn’t understand just how beloved the spicy little triangles they’d created were, to the point where we have an intrinsic sense of their feel and weight. But the cat is out of the Doritos bag now. And only panic can ensue.

Top Image: Pexels

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