New York's New Mayor Is A Complete Weirdo

He's talking about energy stones again.
New York's New Mayor Is A Complete Weirdo

It may be that New York City deserves a mayor just as strange as the weirdest among the population, and Eric Adams is trying his very best to fit the bill. His actions on the actual, day-to-day mayoral side of things leave a lot to be desired, from attempting to give his brother a cushy, 200k a year job, to hiring anti-gay pastors for his administration. But when it comes to just being truly, deeply, strange, he absolutely delivers.

The latest evidence of this comes from a recent Politico profile. While reading, it becomes clear that the author, whatever angle they had in mind upon beginning the story, quickly became fully fascinated with Adams’ general bizarreness. And people, including twitter, absolutely picked up on it.

Here are some highlights:

He learned that New York sits on a store of rare gems and stones, and believes that as a result, “there’s a special energy that comes from here.”

Ah yes, New York is basically the architectural version of Smaug. I’ve never watched somebody peeing in the connecting tunnel of a subway station and thought “I bet this city sits on a store of rare gems and stones.”

He is an “introvert” (his word) who meditates almost every morning and goes out almost every night.

Honestly, explaining that he’s an introvert that goes out every night is the most Brooklyn thing he could possibly do.

You see him at an emergency food pantry in the Bronx, holding up a zucchini for the crowd. “This is how we do it,” he says, presenting the zucchini. He picks up a bell pepper. “This is how you do it,” he says, presenting the bell pepper. He picks up a cucumber. “This is life,” he says, taking the cucumber with him to the podium, placing it beside his notes.

The phrase “This is life, he says, taking the cucumber” is going to echo around my mind for months. It’s like a Rupi Kaur poem.

His meditation routine begins with eight deep breaths, followed by four short breaths, followed by 10 breaths out of each nostril, alternating nostrils (20 nostril breaths total).

So what you’re saying is through meditation we can all achieve independent control of each nostril? Because that’s pretty impressive.

The jury is still FAR out on how effective Eric Adams will be as mayor, and to be honest, most of the actual decisions he's made are fairly worrying. But in the meantime, he’s very busy being a massive weirdo.

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