'Bloodborne's Easter Egg Final Boss, Moon Presence (Was Changed For Being Too Gross)

'Bloodborne's Easter Egg Final Boss, Moon Presence (Was Changed For Being Too Gross)

What better way to take a break from Elden Ring than by spending some time with something incredibly similar? We suggest either discovering or going back to Bloodborne, the brilliant PS4 exclusive that made HP Lovecraft spin in his grave for proving that Japanese-made fanfiction could surpass his actual work. As with all games that spawned out of Dark Souls, Bloodborne too does feature a vast array of memorable bosses, though not a wide enough one to explain why they cut the coolest one of the bunch. Hackers dug deep into the code to find something whose raw monstrosity was seemingly too much to fit in the game.

Meet the "Moon Presence" that we got:

Moon Presence, the secret final boss

Sony, From Software

That's the secret final boss of Bloodborne and (probably) the cosmic entity behind everything that's wrong in that world. I don't mean to hurt its feelings – most bosses in Bloodborne are some of the best of all time, but while a respectable opponent, the Moon Presence comes off as a bit lacking in the looks department for a creature that could have caused the life on the planet to end.

It's even cute from a good (distant) angle.

The “original” Moon Presence, however, the one that the hackers had to extract from the depths of the game's code, was one hell of a different beast. Not only was it gigantic, but it also featured a more amorphous shape, out of which we could only make out four enormous tentacles. It also came at players flying in an eerily slow way that allowed them to grasp the horrors they were about to go through.

The original Moon Presence

Sony, From Software

We can totally understand this man's gesture.

 Either because it was just so large or because it was never fully implemented in the game, its tentacles just couldn't be contained by the doors that are known for keeping all other bosses at bay.

Sony, From Software

What's especially rad about this discovery is how the hackers didn't just find a creepy model frozen in the code, but an actual way to get to fight it.

Sony, From Software

Good luck, good hunter.

Top Image: Sony, From Software

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