Playstation's 'State Of Play' Had Awesome Reveals (And One Huge Troll Move)

Playstation's 'State Of Play' Had Awesome Reveals (And One Huge Troll Move)

Remember 2012?  Some Call Of Duty title was dominating online charts, Diablo III was breaking RPG sales records, the once game development superpower of Japan seemingly had given up on making good games, and indie hit developer Phil Fish was asking the world to quote him for saying that “Japanese games just suck.” The world was totally the worst it would ever get. Fast forward to 2022, and for the first time in nearly 20 years that the Call Of Duty series is taking a break, the makers of Diablo are probably wishing they could move to actual hell, and Phil Fish has vanished but is hopefully just quietly enjoying the hell out of Elden Ring. Japanese games aren't dead, have never been (unless Konami is the only Japanese dev you care about), and Playstation's new State of play focused on upcoming games from Japan proves just that. 

Just a few days after the release of the stunning return to form that's Gran Turismo 7, Sony showed the closest we'll ever get to concrete details about Ghostwire: Tokyo, the upcoming paranormal overload by the creator of Resident Evil.

They also showcased gameplay for Forspoken, a title from a still mostly unknown company composed of ex-Final Fantasy devs that shows the coolest-looking gameplay in the entire show.

And you know it isn't a Japanese game showcase if you don't get RPGs with wildly imaginative names. Below is The DioField Chronicle, a game whose title everyone will instantly forgive as soon as they notice that's the closest thing we'll get to a much-needed new title in the Final Fantasy Tactics series.

Speaking of Final Fantasy, we also saw gameplay for Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin …

… a game that seems to show how the cure for all the evil in the world of Final Fantasy is Limp Bizkit.

But the star of the show was a mysterious game by Capcom filled with dinosaur action. As soon as Capcom fans think of dinos, they think of Dino Crisis, a long-absent and dearly-missed survival horror series from the PS1.

This looked great during the Jurassic era of consoles

The one looks a bit better.

Can it be?!

But then we see that we're supposed to fight these dinosaurs by putting on some anime-ass mech suits …

… which means it's probably a different game – said someone completely ignorant of how weird the Dino Crisis is capable of getting. Dino Crisis 3 took place in space. Come on, keep the faith.

Everything is possible! (if you ignore how the article has “one huge troll move” right there on the title)

Also, the trailer shows off a red-headed character who looks just like a better-rendered version of Regina, the protagonist from the Dino Crisis series!

There's no way this could be a completely unrelated thing with a dumbass name like, say, Prime Exodus, right?

Eh, it still looks better than Jurassic World: Dominion.

Top Image: Square Enix

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