Robert Pattinson Is Apparently Hollywood's Biggest 'Final Fantasy VII' Nerd

Robert Pattinson Is Apparently Hollywood's Biggest 'Final Fantasy VII' Nerd

Remember that time Robert Pattinson starred in one of the most awkward love stories in movie history? Come on, it hasn't even been two years since the release of Tennet. Interestingly, that's not even the weirdest love story the actor's ever been a part of. I'm talking about Pattinson's unrequited love for Aerith Gainsborough. That's not a real person, but a video game character who – in case that's not weird enough – is also dead (and in hell). I'm not making stuff up; that's what Robert Pattinson just said on a press tour for The Batman, where the darkest movie iteration of Bruce Wayne yet ran the interview off the rails to gush over a character from a 25-year-old game.

The plot only thickens when he adds that he was in love with Aerith, the serene pixie dream girl with the magical ability to heal the world as well as the hearts of anime heroes, sure, but divided between her and Tifa, the girl with the magical power of pulling off bangs. Pattinson is clearly speaking from the heart when he says this in front of Zoey Kravitz, a flesh and bone human being who probably deserved a less shocking introduction to deep video game storylines. 

You could perhaps say that his love is, like, undying because this isn't even the first time he gushes over not just Final Fantasy VII, but specifically about Aerith in an interview.

While that press event might have been pretty awkward for Kravitz, the entire existence of Final Fantasy fans is an awkward affair, so it's pretty fun to see the turnings getting tabled for a few seconds. This truly is a great time for fans -- who are seeing huge nerds play Batman as well as Superman. Which means that it probably won't be long before Hollywood identifies the trend and ruins it all by casting the other big game fan, Vin Diesel, to play Lex Luthor.

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