Give Us The Muppets As Oscar Hosts, You Cowards

Why do the Oscars hate joy?
Give Us The Muppets As Oscar Hosts, You Cowards

We’re just a month and a half away from the Academy Awards and we still don’t know who the host is going to be. Well now it turns out that there will actually be three hosts. Naturally, everyone on social media responded by suggesting the most anarchic trios imaginable. 

Despite this new development, the Oscars will still probably end up choosing three boring, predictable hosts; like Jimmy Kimmel and two other CGI Jimmy Kimmels. It’s almost maddening that the Oscars have seemingly never seriously entertained the possibility of having The Muppets host. People have been vocally suggesting the Muppets as potential hosts as recently as January of this year. And this long-running request goes back all the way to 2011, when a Facebook campaign called “The Muppets Should Host the 2012 Oscars” went viral after scheduled host Eddie Murphy quit the gig following the resignation of Brett Ratner. Yikes. Say what you will about the comic stylings of Fozzie Bear, at least he’s not friends with Brett Ratner.   

Why have the Oscars never given these felt icons a shot? No one knows for sure. At this point it almost seems self-defeating. Year after year the show’s ratings keep dropping, but for some reason they haven’t tried the one thing that thousands, if not millions, of people have actually expressed an interest in for more than a decade?! And it’s not as if the Muppets are incapable of such a feat, some of them already have Oscar experience.

Other than raising the show’s podium budget, really what’s the harm? The Oscars’ host selection has actually gotten less adventurous over the years; back in 1958, another fictional children’s character, Donald Duck, was one of the co-hosts. If they’re looking for a trio this year, they could do a lot worse than Kermit, Miss Piggy and Gonzo. Hell, we’d settle for the Swedish Chef and those two “Mahna Mahna” monsters. We’d even be happy with just one Muppet co-host; we could have Zendaya, Tom Holland, and Rizzo the Rat. Who in their right mind wouldn’t watch that?!

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