Drones Aren't Just For Weirdos Anymore

Drones Aren't Just For Weirdos Anymore

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For a long time, drones were the playthings of weirdos and perverts. Today, that's still true, but they've proven useful for non-weird or -perverted purposes, too. From Hollywood movies and adventure shows to tech bros filming their hometowns from above, drones can be a super chill time. If you've been thinking about taking a flying camera for a spin, take advantage of this limited time deal on a certified refurbished Vivitar VTI Phoenix Foldable Drone.

The VTI Phoenix is a collapsible, foldable drone that breaks down into convenient pieces that you can load up in a secure carrying case. The case makes your drone extremely portable while protecting each individual component and making assembly easy every time. It's outfitted with a 2048 x 1152p HD camera with 180 degrees  of articulated view to capture stunning detail in photos and videos, whether you're immortalizing a stunning vista or just trying to see if the bar down the street is open without putting on pants.

The VTI Phoenix is a great drone for pilots of all skill levels. It has a range of 2,000 feet for extensive adventuring, and it's equipped with special features like Follow Me technology, GPS location locking, and Wi-Fi transmission capability to simplify flying and give you greater control over your drone. One button take-off and landing ensures you won't crash, and three distinct speed modes allow you to slowly ramp up your comfort level with flying. Plus, with the two included batteries, you can fly for more than a half hour on a single flight. It's a great drone for absolute beginners and more advanced pilots alike to gather some sick footie around the world. Is "sick footie" a thing people say? Well, it is now.

Take advantage of this current lull in drone weirdness. Right now, you can get a certified refurbished Vivitar VTI Phoenix Foldable Drone for 36% off $249 at just $159.

Prices are subject to change.

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