Save Your Tablet From Sticky Fingers

Save Your Tablet From Sticky Fingers

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In this day and age, many creative types work on tablets rather than canvases, but Charles Darwin couldn't have foreseen this development when he designed our stupid, stubby fingers. You need tools that support the precision and durability of your art, and you definitely don't want paint (or whatever else is on your fingers) all over your tablet. Instead, get yourself a Digi Pen for iPad & Tablets while it's on sale for 59% off.

The Digi Pen is an upgraded stylus that has a 1.2mm fine tip for pixel precision drawing, sketching, painting, and writing. It's extremely sensitive and ultra-durable so there's no lagging, skips, or scratches as you work. You can use it directly without gloves and write straight on the screen like you're writing on paper thanks to Palm Rejection technology and a magnetic design, avoiding the annoying jumps and skips that can happen with other styluses.

The Digi Pen offers specific tools for artists too, like a tilt function that lets you draw strokes of different thicknesses and depths. Plus, it's made of lightweight aluminum alloy material that's comfortable and sleek. You can use it for up to 20 hours on a single charge, and it charges up to full power again in as little as one hour. Whether you're working on a novel on a plane, racing to meet a design deadline, or just like to unwind by drawing pregnant cartoon characters, this pen has you covered.

Indulge your inner artist without making a giant mess all over the place. Right now, you can get a Digi Pen for iPad & Tablets for 59% off $99 at just $39.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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