'Euphoria's' Non-Existent High School Dress Code Sparks Strange TikTok Trend

'Euphoria's' Non-Existent High School Dress Code Sparks Strange TikTok Trend

Despite garnering widespread praise for its gritty, true-to-life depictions of serious issues teens face like drug addiction and abusive relationships, there is one facet of HBO's Euphoria that is anything but realistic – well other than the glaring omission of common high school tropes like “rolling backpack kid” and “Anime fans who run like that”. Even with all of its nuanced, down-to-earth portrayals of modern high school life, “Euphoria High” – a.k.a. the nickname for the series's fictitious East Highland High School – has no f--king dress code, meaning almost none of the series's iconic fashion moments could ever happen at most IRL – well, at least without someone getting several hours of detention. 

Instead of strutting her stuff down the hallway to DMX's “X Gon' Give It to Ya," Kat's badass montage would be cut short after a power tripping English teacher playing “fashion police” would inevitably stop her dead in her tracks, making her remove her harnesses due to the strict “no underwear as outwear” policy. 

At nearly any other high school throughout the continental U.S., Jules would be forced to swap many of her signature plaid skirts with baggy gym shorts from the moment she stepped on school grounds, all thanks to the infamous "knee-length or bust" rule. 

Rather than catching the attention of her crush – and creating HBO's equivalent of the Spider-Men pointing meme with a matching Maddy – Cassie's cropped matching turquoise set would get her nothing more than a pink slip, insisting she attends a Saturday detention for daring to show her stomach. 

Considering these major discrepancies, several fans have noticed that Euphoria High does not play by the rules of the American dress code system, a notion they've decided to gloriously dunk in a new TikTok trend. Featuring an audio clip from SpongeBob SquarePants depicting Squidward Tentacles asking the series' titular sponge why he isn't in uniform (a.k.a. a French maid costume), young people have taken it upon themselves to show the stark – and hilarious - contrast between their everyday fashions and the apparent norm at Euphoria High.

Swapping backpacks and books for teeny tiny purses …


… t-shirts for low-cut tops (with some very cute matching gloves) … 


… and of course, jeans and a sweater for a full drag glam … 


… it quickly became very clear that Euphoria's depictions of high school fashion was far from accurate. However this trend doesn't just apply to the students, with several fans questioning what would happen if various adults played by the Euphoria High rules – namely what would happen Breaking Bad's Walter White transferred to the series school.


So folks, take it from TikTok's fashionistas, next time you have a nightmare back in high school, make sure you're sporting your best club wear. It's the Euphoria way.

Top Image: HBO

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