It's Simpsons Week here on Cracked where we'll be studying the cultural touchstone from every angle. From Frank Grimes to Hank Scorpio, “eat my shorts” to “steamed hams” the Simpsons' most seminal moments in The Simpsons happened in the 90s, and so to celebrate Simpsons week here on Cracked, we're giving away three advanced copies of The Nineties, the new book by Chuck Klosterman and courtesy of Penguin Random House. For your chance to claim one of these books, enter your email below. 

Note: Sweepstakes is open January 24-January 30. Those wishing to enter can do so above or via any sign-up module that appears on On Monday, January 31, three (3) winners will be randomly selected as recipients of one (1) advanced copy of “The Nineties” by Chuck Klosterman each. We'll reach out to those people via email to get their shipping address. The winners will have three (3) days to reply or we'll select a new winners. The process will continue until all three books are claimed. Odds of winning are based on the number of entrants as of January 31. 

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