Drones Aren't Weird Anymore!

It's okay to let your drone flag fly.
Drones Aren't Weird Anymore!

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For a long while there, drones seemed like an extended fad for recluses and weirdos -- the kind of people who liked to be conspicuously alone in public places. These days, however, drones are becoming useful for more than blowing up homes in Iraqi villages, so you don't have to order your kids to stay inside and play video games lest getting into drones turn them into social pariahs. There are even careers in drone flight. If you've been long harboring curiosity about drones, now's your chance to dip your toes in the waters of being a Type of Guy with the Black Drone with Dual HD 4K Camera for just $75.

This GPS drone has dual 4K cameras to capture high-def photos and video as you soar through the sky, and thanks to a three-axis gimbal and electronic image stabilization, all of your footage will be nice and steady regardless of how shaky you are with the controls. Plus, with features like altitude hold and headless mode, it's much easier for even absolute beginners to fly remotely like a bird.

The drone has a control distance of up to 1,200 meters, so you can fly all around your neighborhood without having to go too far outside and keep up the hermit mystique to which you aspire. It also offers gesture control, allowing you to wield the drone via app with just the point of a finger. (Any finger. Get creative!) When you're done flying, one-key automatic return allows you to just press a button and the drone will come on home like Lassie returning for supper.

It's okay to let your drone flag fly. Right now, you can get the Black Drone with Dual HD 4K Camera for 16% off $89 at just $74.95.

Prices are subject to change.

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