No, '... And Just Like That' Did Not Replace Kim Cattrall's Samantha

No, '... And Just Like That' Did Not Replace Kim Cattrall's Samantha

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Long before … And Just Like That, Sex and the City's HBO Max spin-off hit the small screen last month, it was very clear that the show's latest incarnation would look a lot different than its original run – beyond the fact that skinny stilettos have been out of style since 2007 and the naked dress that shocked audiences on the show's first season is a relatively conservative look compared to the crop top and micro mini skirt sets of today. 

After actor Willie Garson, who played Carrie Bradshaw's pal Stanford Blatch, passed away last September, his character was given an emotional on-screen send-off,  leaving a note informing his long-time friend that he was moving to Tokyo to manage a TikTok star's budding career. 

Mr. Big, Carrie's long-time wishy-washy lover-turned husband, died in the show's first episode what is surprisingly not the first alleged death by Peleton (a pretty smart decision considering Chris North who plays the character, is facing two allegations of sexual misconduct). 

But beyond the two aforementioned stars, the absence of Kim Cattrall's sexy Samantha Jones, who once served as the friend group's iconic fourth member, has been particularly palpable throughout the show, the absence of her wit and raunchy humor hanging over the … And Just Like That like the massive sun hat she sported in the HBO series' 2008 movie. But even though Samantha may be gone – her absence explained through vague references to a falling out – it seems she will never be replaced, a sentiment one of the show's stars reiterated earlier this week. Although she may have crashed Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda's brunch, … And Just Like That's newest character Lisa Todd Wexley is most definitely not a replacement for Samantha, as some fans … couldn't help but wonder. 

"I got a taste of the crazy fans that this show has." Nicole Ari Parker, the actress behind the … And Just Like That ladies' new pal, said in a recent interview with E! News regarding the accusations against her character. “They're very protective of the series and all these things. And I just appreciated it all." she continued, adding that due to the addition of several new characters of color – something the show's original iteration was seriously lacking – "New York was starting to look like New York." 

So folks, although we'll deeply miss Samantha, the Sex and the City world of NYC may have changed … just like that, in some ways, for the better. 

Top Image: HBO 

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