The Video Game That Keeps Surprising The Pope

It seems like even God itself is trying to get Jorge "Pope Francis" Bergoglio to play it.
The Video Game That Keeps Surprising The Pope

Toby Fox's Undertale is one of the greatest games of all time, and it might very well be the greatest indie game of all time. We could easily come up with a bunch of reasons to defend those statements, but they would all pale in comparison to how it seems like even God itself is trying to get Jorge "Pope Francis" Bergoglio to play it.

See, back in 2016, famous YouTube personality Matpat was invited to the Vatican to give a lecture about this thing called "the Internet." After what we assume were like three hours of saying it was a mistake except for the cats, Pat was allowed to give the Pope a gift, so he decided to go with a copy of Undertale. That's a gift he must have put some heart into because there's no such thing as Undertale on CD. Matpat either brought a CD key with him, which seems unlikely because the Pope probably would have ordered his excommunication after mistaking it for some mysterious Vatican-ending Da Vinci Code-like cipher, or he burned his own – which would probably make him a criminal. Who knows, that's just a theory.

Either way, we suspect the Pope never got to play the game because we've just witnessed what it feels like the second instance of reality itself attempting to turn Pope Francis into an Undertale fan.

Remember how just a few months ago video game music took over the Olympics? Well, now they seem to have taken over the Vatican as well, as the Pope's first public appearance of 2022 started with the pontiff getting blasted by an orchestral arrangement of Megalovania, one of the best songs from Undertale's masterful soundtrack.

To make matters even better, the whole thing was accompanied by a bunch of (holy?) circus performers kicking footballs and riding unicycles.

What, did you think we were joking? Far be it from us to claim to be experts on, uh … Popeurri(?), but it seems like your boss is sending some hints, Mr. Pope, sir.

Top Image: Culture and Information Service (Jeon Han), Toby Fox


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