Play All The Virtual Golf This Green Monday

Play All The Virtual Golf This Green Monday

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Some people can't get enough golf. Like, they get all glum and seasonally depressed in the winter when they can't go out on the links. Others wouldn't be caught dead wearing those silly pants in public, but they at least get the appeal of whacking the ever-loving bejesus out of a ball. Often, those types of people live together under the same roof, and if you're looking for a holiday gift you can both get behind, it's the TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator.

Currently on sale for Green Monday, TruGolf Mini is a smarter way to learn and play golf from the comfort of home. Paired with E6 CONNECT software, TruGolf Mini is an interactive swing studio that accurately analyzes and displays swing data after every shot. That's useful for both people who want to learn how to play and for golf weirdos who want to spend hours working on their swing.

The TruGolf Mini sensor gathers meaningful data in real time while the impact trainer and post-swing analyzer help you better understand what's happening with your shots. The sensors capture four critical swing characteristics for nuanced feedback after every swing. But don't worry: It's not all numbers and exhilaratingly relentless practice. You can also have fun playing skills challenges, mini-games, or even get out and perfect your swing on 3D-rendered versions of 97 world-famous golf courses. One of you gets to live out your golf bucket list, and the other gets to not go outside. It's what holiday memories are made of.

Bring all the golfing magic into your home this holiday season. This Green Monday, you can get the TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator for an extra 20% off at just $239.20 (reg. $399) when you use promo code GREEN20.

Prices are subject to change.

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