This Presentation Tool Is Like If Zoom Met Gandalf

People have started calling you Snoozy McSnoozeface behind your back.
This Presentation Tool Is Like If Zoom Met Gandalf

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These days, we're all getting pretty used to remote work, but if you're having a pretty hard time getting used to the limitations of Zoom and Google Meet and other videoconferencing tools when it comes to making presentations and getting your point across, you're not alone. Get it together with XSplit Presenter Premium.

XSplit Presenter works with popular presentation tools like PowerPoint and Google Slides as well as video conferencing apps like Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, and more, so you don't completely have to abandon your colleagues' name-brand preferences. Some people just fear change, you know? But with this software, you'll have a virtual green screen at your disposal to remove your background and turn it into basically anything you want. You can also use multiple media-rich elements to add personality, flair, and interactivity to your presentations. Remember your Office Space: You must present minimum flair.

XSplit Presenter lets you record presentations in advance if your boss is cool enough to do the same, or you can scream about "doing it live" through video calls and live streams. Select and add specific windows or apps to your presentation with a few simple clicks, import Google Slides or PowerPoint slides, add videos from YouTube or Vimeo, and turn your presentation into an absolute friggin' party. You can help viewers focus on the right things at the right time with quick and easy annotations, easily create extra video of your presentation to share asynchronously if you're hosting a virtual event or conference, and oh, you'll get 24/7 support and lifetime updates as a premium XSplit member.

People have started calling you Snoozy McSnoozeface behind your back, so make your presentations better. For a limited time, you can get a lifetime subscription to XSplit Presenter Premium for 70% off $200 at just $59. That's a small price to pay to become the world's greatest presenter, live streamer, or whatever your lofty position you aspire to. (So long as it's presentation-based. We can't help you get better at magic.)

Prices are subject to change.

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