Best Black Friday Deals On Tech For The Curious Mind

Get Black Friday savings on drones, cameras, and more!
Best Black Friday Deals On Tech For The Curious Mind

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Looking to take a big-budget swing at a gift for someone special this holiday season? Here's a secret: You can do that without actually spending a big budget. We've rounded up some of the coolest tech this holiday season that looks expensive but is actually on sale for Black Friday pricing. Make an impression, save some money -- what's not to love? Just use code BFSAVE20 to get an extra 20% off.

3D Virtual Reality Glasses & Headset, $55.98 (reg. $99) with promo code BFSAVE20

If you're getting tempted by the Oculus ad surge but you're not ready to dive all the way into VR, just dip your toes in with this headset. It's compatible with any iPhone, Android, or Windows phone with a screen size less than 6" and allows you to immerse yourself in movies, games, and more.

SyncPen 2nd Generation Smart Pen with Notebook, $119.99 (reg. $199) with promo code BFSAVE20

Softly usher those wild folks who take notes using a pen into 2022 with this ingenious pen that actually writes but also syncs all of the notes you take and exports them to the cloud for safekeeping.

4K Dual-Camera Pro GPS Drone, $55.96 (reg. $69) with promo code BFSAVE20

Drones are all the way in now, but you don't have to spend hundreds to get into the craze. This 4K dual-camera drone offers many of the top features in a drone that costs less than a particularly wild McDonald's trip.

E68 Drone 2 with 4K/1080P Wide-Angle Camera & WiFi, $63.96 (reg. $320) with promo code BFSAVE20

For more experienced flyers, the E68 drone is packed with features like headless mode, one-key automatic return, and 3-D flipping to both simplify flying and give you greater control of the kind of flying you can do. With the 4K HD camera and real-time first-person view available in the app, you'll feel like you're up there with the birds.

YLR/C S32T HD 4K Single Camera Drone, $79.96 (reg. $410) with promo code BFSAVE20

Perfect for beginners, this drone works both with the included remote control or with gesture control. It can fly for up to 25 minutes on a single charge and captures high-quality photos and video with a 4K HD camera.

5-in-1 Clip & Snap Smartphone Camera Lenses, $14.38 (reg. $69) with promo code BFSAVE20

For the constant photographer, this clever lens kit offers a wide-angle lens, a fish-eye lens, a macro closeup lens, a 2x telephoto lens, and a polarizing lens all in one kit. Just attach to your phone and witness the magic.

USB 2.0 Web Camera with Microphone, $15.96 (reg. $39) with promo code BFSAVE20

Don't have a web camera on your laptop? Don't think you'll get away with showing up to every remote meeting naked forever. You're gonna have to show your face (and hopefully nothing else) eventually, so you might as well pick up this little USB webcam.

Wireless HD Endoscope Camera, $39.99 (reg. $129) with promo code BFSAVE20

You never know when you might need an endoscope. Not for medical use -- God, no -- but if your keys fall in that space between the fridge and the counter or a ring slips down a drain. When that happens, you'll be happy you have this endoscope that snakes into the smallest, tightest spaces (again, not biological ones) and streams a live, well-lit view to your phone.

Pictar Home-Office Kit, $71.99 (reg. $139) with promo code BFSAVE20

If you're working or taking classes from home, make your viewing and streaming experience better with this bundle that includes an 18mm wide-angle lens for your phone, a 3-in-1 tripod for hands-free viewing, a smart light for perfect lighting, and more.

KODAK PrintaCase Printer, $95.99 (reg. $130) with promo code BFSAVE20

Why settle for whatever limited smartphone case designs already exist? The KODAK PrintaCase lets you design, lay out, and print your very own smartphone case in as little as three minutes. Make a new one every day for all we care. Just make sure you remember exactly which photo of Steve Gutenberg you chose this morning or you could be in for a wacky mixup.

Pictar Pro: Pro Charge Smartphone Camera Grip, $119.99 (reg. $199) with promo code BFSAVE20

Funded on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, this smartphone camera grip mimics the grip of a classic DSLR camera so you can feel like a big grownup photographer. Plus, it gives you DSLR-esque control with a multi-state shutter release button, a rocker zoon switch, an exposure compensation wheel, and a smart wheel so you can actually take pictures like a big grownup photographer, too.

FITT360: Hands-Free Neckband Camera, $391.99 (reg. $599) with promo code BFSAVE20

This Kickstarter-funded camera is the world's first neckband wearable 360-degree camera, and you can get it now for $200 off. It uses three FHD cameras to capture everything you see, stitching footage together automatically into a 360-degree format in the companion app. GoPro? We don't know her.

Prices are subject to change.

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