The Gaming Nostalgia Doesn't Stop With This System

The Gaming Nostalgia Doesn't Stop With This System

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Part of growing up is beginning to realize that you're way over your head when it comes to the latest technology, and nowhere is that more apparent than in gaming. If you stop playing for a few years, you come back to systems you don't understand that force you to twist two knobs at the same time and fart loudly just to get your character to move forward, and that's about all you can do without paying a ton of money for new characters, new skins, new levels, etc. It's enough to make you pine for simpler times.

If you, too, find yourself grumbling about whatever happened to the days when there were four buttons and you didn't even have to be literate to understand them, then might we propose you gift yourself the Mini Game Entertainment System with 620 Built-In Classic Games (AV+HDMI) this holiday season? Built to emulate the classic, minimalist design of the NES, this mini system is pre-loaded with 620 classic games. You won't know them all, of course, but that just means you might discover some new favorites. And thank goodness, they only require a couple of buttons to play.

The little system measures just 5.12" x 3.94" x 1.77", so it'll fit anywhere that you want to play, from your living room to your buddy's house to the bathroom if you've really been slacking on the fiber. It has an AV output and an adapter that can convert to HDMI so you can hook the game up to your fancy big-screen TV, and it comes with a second controller for multiplayer mayhem. It's easy to set up and even easier to play the games. Just fix yourself some pizza rolls, sit back, and prepare to regress.

Fall down a nostalgia gaming hole this holiday season. Right now, you can get the Mini Game Entertainment System with 620 Built-In Classic Games (AV+HDMI) for just $45.

Prices are subject to change.

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