'Austin Powers' Blackjack Scene Is Kinda Legit, So We Can All Be Number 2's Boss

For those of us who like to live dangerously ...
'Austin Powers' Blackjack Scene Is Kinda Legit, So We Can All Be Number 2's Boss

Reader, are you a fan of blackjack? Do you like to live dangerously? Have you ever dreamt of gambling like a farcical supervillain in Las Vegas who singlehandedly catalyzed every boomer dad's favorite poop joke of all time ("WHO DOES NUMBER 2 WORK FOR???)

Well, my Austin Powers-obsessed friend, it seems you can. According to Sal Piacente, a casino cheating expert – an all-real, totally legit job we most definitely knew existed before today -- it seems the scene isn't as far fetched as one may assume, meaning that you too can impress your secretary, Alotta Fagina, by beating a British superspy in a game of blackjack by seeing right through the dealer's cards. 

Although much to the dismay of perverted pirates, it seems we may not have collectively reached the technology to create x-ray-vision eye patches, there are a number of ways you can proverbially see through a deck of cards to know what, exactly lies on the other side. 

“There are cards like that, that you could only see with either a red lens on, luminous readers, or with contact lenses, but normally it's done with a series of dots,” Piacente told Vanity Fair during an interview discussing the plausibility of casino scenes in various films. Dubbed a “juice deck,” these cards contain small markings, sometimes made with invisible ink, that wanna-be blackjack cheaters must practice seeing. 

“This deck does have a substance on it that if your eye is not trained to see this, I promise, you're not seeing it,” he explained with a smile. Although to us non-casino cheating experts, juice decks may apparently look like your average, run-of-the-mill playing cards, small markings on the back reveal what lies on the other side – some examples including two diagonal markings denoting a seven, and a dark spot on the corner of one card indicating that the card is a king. 

So next time you find yourself facing off with Mike Meyers in a game of blackjack with the Soup Nazi himself as a dealer, you know what to do – well, months before you find yourself in that hyper-specific situation. 

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