If Cryptocurrency Was Honest (VIDEO)

Who wants to exchange those boring green presidential napkins for sexy computer cash?!
If Cryptocurrency Was Honest (VIDEO)

Everybody is familiar with money, but thanks to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Stellar, and Binance we can now exchange those boring green presidential napkins for sexy computer cash that’s easier to lose, far more volatile, slaughters the environment, and can’t be exchanged for the vast majority of goods and services! Honest!

Roger Horton: Jack Hunter 
Writer: Mark Hill 
Director: Dave Brown
Director of Photography: Daryl Pittman
Editors: Dave Brown, Jordan Breeding 
Sound: Mike Schoen 
BitBro: Jordan Breeding 
Set Designer: Caitie Hirabayashi
Production Assistant: Ruda Yi
Illustrator: Shea Strauss

SOURCES: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/12/technology/bitcoin-passwords-wallets-fortunes.html 

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