Maybe Now 'Dexter' Can Finally Do Its Original (Much Better) Ending

Fan response to the original ending was ... not good. And almost the entire creative team hated it just as much, considering they had a better one waiting.
Maybe Now 'Dexter' Can Finally Do Its Original (Much Better) Ending

It’s not often people get the chance to rewrite their own mistakes, but the creators of Dexter seem to be trying with Dexter: The Miniseries, Unless You Like It, In Which Case It’s A Reboot

Dexter: New Blood is a rebootquel to Dexter, a show everyone liked for about four minutes back in the 2000s because George Bush was President, The Man Show was still on the air, and a show about a serial killer killing serial killers in Miami, based on a book series in which it’s revealed he’s possessed by a literal demon, just seemed right. 

And for a while, it was good; the first two seasons were excellent, the third sucked, the fourth bounced back, but that was short-lived as the show started to go downhill. It limped on as Dexter’s sister (and real-life paramour) fell in love with him so hard that she ignored his killing until she died, and Dexter ran away to cosplay the Brawny Man, and ... that’s kinda just where the show ends

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However, the original ending for the series didn’t feature Dexter getting away by himself, in an almost exact parallel to Breaking Bad’s final season.

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No similarities here.

Originally, the series was going to end with Dexter opening his eyes, like he does at the beginning of every episode theme sequence, and seeing all his victims watching from the gallery as he got the lethal injection shot alone. The entire series, his life, flashing before his eyes.

Of course, given that Dexter was an attractive white man, he couldn’t be allowed to face any consequences more severe than growing a beard.

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It’s the only way they’ll learn!

Thankfully, though, due to the notoriously horrible fan response to the original ending, and almost the entire creative team hating it just as much, they’re going ahead and making a new Dexter rebootquel that’s definitely not Dexter season eight because if they market it that way, you’ll know how much it sucks. Odds are it’ll use a different ending, just because the showrunner has talked enough about that ending that it would seem rote. But then again, if this ending is bad, it might just get rebootqueled again into Season 9: Dexter: A Cut Above the Rest, followed by Season 10 Dexter: Knives Out (This One’s a Crossover).

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