Jason Statham's Next Role: A Badass Beekeeper (No, Seriously)

His newest project is generating a lot of buzz.
Jason Statham's Next Role: A Badass Beekeeper (No, Seriously)

Jason Statham is primarily known for his tough-guy, action movie roles; the Transporter, the Mechanic, either Hobbes or Shaw, we can’t remember which. Less well-known: his half-naked electropop music video dancer roles.

Well, now, according to reports, Statham has his next badass movie role lined up, in which he plays … a beekeeper? Yeah, Statham’s next gig is a movie called The Bee Keeper about some guy who’s somehow some sort of beekeeper. While we don’t know much, it’s based on a script by Kurt Wimmer, the guy who penned the remake of Total Recall, the remake of Children of the Corn, and the remake of Point Break. So maybe The Bee Keeper is secretly a remake of, I don’t know, Krull? He also wrote the underrated Equilibrium as well as Salt, which is easily the best Angelina Jolie-fronted spy movie named after a tasty mineral.

According to one of The Bee Keeper’s producers, the movie will explore “universal themes with an unconventional story that will have fans sitting on the edge of their seats.” Even more confusingly, the film is described as a “lightning-paced thriller deeply steeped in the mythology of Bee Keeping.” Huh? What is the “mythology of Bee Keeping?” Are we going to find out that “bee keeping” is some kind of code for an elite squad of British assassins, or are we talking about literal beekeepers here? 

A quick Google search of the phrase “the mythology of Bee Keeping” turns up articles about how the Greek God of wine Dionysus, was the world’s first beekeeper and also how bees were associated “with the underworld and with the souls of the dead” -- is that what this movie is about? Because if so, sign us the hell up. 

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