You Can Smoke Anywhere With This Little Guy

You like to smoke. Don't be weird about it.
You Can Smoke Anywhere With This Little Guy

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Mostly gone are the days when you had to get your weed from a dude in his thirties who hangs out with high school kids and smoke it in a sealed room under a tarp in a cave. Weed's everywhere these days, and unless you live in one of those unfashionable and culturally backward states, you can get high just about anywhere you want. Seriously, head outside in Boston or Denver and start smoking a joint in front of a police officer. She might just ask you for a hit.

The biggest inconvenience, really, is that you may not have time to roll up a joint or your regular piece might be a little too cumbersome for your pocket or bag. If that's the case, check out the Simple One-Hitter.

The Simple One-Hitter has been expertly designed and curated for a quick boost to your day. It's made from inert aluminum and uses patent-pending airflow technology to dissipate heat, allowing for a smooth, tasty draw. Plus, it's extra sturdy, so it won't crack or shatter when dropped, which it will be. We get it.

You can adjust the bowl size from .1x to 2x the standard one-hitter, so depending on your mood, you'll soon find yourself in a better one. The chamfered tip even makes it extra easy for consistent packing, and when you're done, the single-screw disassembly provides simple deep cleaning so you can really get in there and clear up the pathways. It's your perfect little buddy that fits in your pocket, purse, or behind your ear like some kind of beatnik. No judgment.

You like to smoke. Don't be weird about it. Pick up a Simple One-Hitter for 28% off $25 at just $17.99 today. Or go ahead and get two for 36% off $49 at just $31.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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