Emily Blunt To Star In New Amazon Movie About History of Union-Busting Pinkerton Detective Agency


On today's installment of movies that are most definitely not thinly-veiled pieces of corporate propaganda, Amazon recently snapped up a new film produced by Jungle Cruise Stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Emily Blunt, detailing the story of #GirlBoss Detective Kate Warne, the first woman to work for Pinkerton National Detective Agency. Yes, reader, that Pinkerton National Detective Agency, the one infamous for targeting workers and its sometimes violent union-busting tactics.

With Blunt starring in the lead role of Warne, the film is described as a “propulsive action-adventure” centering around the life and times our heroic #BossBabe, “a real life female Sherlock Holmes” who bulldozed unio-- sorry, glass ceilings in a male-dominated field, paving “the way for future women in law enforcement” and detective work as a whole, according to Deadline. Amazon ultimately nabbed the project after “a highly competitive auction."

Now, reader, I know what you may be thinking – why would Amazon, a corporation best described as a friend of unions, champion of reasonable bathroom breaks, and overall shining beacon of humane working conditions possibly want a movie detailing the life of Pinkerton's first female detective? While the company has remained tight-lipped on its cinematic acquisition, their interest in the project likely has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the company allegedly hired spies from Pinkerton to keep tabs on warehouse laborers, environmental activists, and workers right's movements in Europe last year, per a report from Vice's Motherboard from November.  

All union-busting jokes aside, it's important to note that it seems Warne, who worked for the agency until her death in 1868, was not involved in some of Pinkerton's more sinister, violent, strike-breaking chapters, most notably contributing to the company's efforts of protecting then-President Abraham Lincoln from alleged assassination attempts throughout the early 1860s, the AV Club explained. However, as a member of this wealthy-serving force, she was associated with Allan Pinkerton, the company's eponymous founder. 

So, folks as soon as this film hits Prime, gather the whole family around your Amazon-purchased smart TV to uncritically watch this wonderful piece of propagan– sorry, Girl Boss cinematic history. If we all band together to learn about the history of the pious Pinkerton detective agency, maybe, just maybe, Bezos get a second space cowboy joy-ride! 

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